If your children needs help gaining weight, you can make small but significant changes in her diet to help with the process.

Many children struggle with weight issues. While the focus is normally on losing weight, some children have difficulty gaining weight. If you’re concerned that your child is not eating enough, you can help promote healthy weight gain by offering nutrient-rich, calorie-dense meals and snacks.

There are many theories that can be used to help your child to gain weight. You should be able to know your child and find what best works to him/her. It is always better to ensure that there is a healthy weight gain. While considering foods for weight gain in toddler, prefer home-made foods and avoid junk foods. The following are some best foods for weight gain in children.

Foods For Weight Gain In Children:


Carbohydrate is converted to fat for storing and this makes it one of the best foods for children to gain weight. Include more rice and potatoes in the toddler diet. You can also try making snacks with these carbohydrate rich foods.

Protein Rich Foods

Protein is very important for a growing child. Protein will help muscle development and the overall growth. Chicken, turkey, beef and eggs have high protein content. Try and include this in your child’s daily menu as these are also foods for weight gain in toddler.


Eggs are a great source of protein, and around 100g of eggs contain 13g of protein. There are tons of ways you can introduce eggs into your kid’s everyday meals. Eggs are also packed with vitamin A and vitamin B12, which are essential for the normal growth and development of a child. An egg a day will actually eliminate the need for supplementary vitamins.

Calorie Dense Foods

For a toddler, weight gain occurs when he consumes more calories than he loses. Though not very nutritional; foods for weight gain in children can include sour cream, maple syrup and butter. Consuming these kinds of food will eventually help with the weight gain.

avocados for toddlers

avocados for toddlers


Small children require more fat and dense calories than adults, particularly if they are underweight. Foods dense in healthy fat, such as avocados, are nutrient-rich and include a dense amount of calories. Mash avocados and add them to smoothies, soups, dips, sauces and spreads. Consider avocado puree as a butter-substitute in sweet foods, such as brownies, for a more nutritious option. Avocados will affect the texture and flavor slightly, but the result is a sweet treat that offers positive nutrition.

Milk & Cream

Milk is a good natural source of protein and carbohydrates, not to mention other important nutrients as well. Make sure your kid has at least 2 glasses of milk a day, in different forms such as milkshakes, cereals or smoothies. Add fresh cream, made from whole milk, to your kid’s cereal or fruit salad.